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About me


When We meet, you will be drawn to Me like a moth to a golden flame. It’s not simply My statuesque figure. I emanate a heat that people want to bathe in. You will have to work hard to be blessed with My warmth. But isn’t it worth it? To be favored with My attention is to feel like there is a ray of light on only you, as if you are the center of the universe. 

 I am an alchemist of pain. With the experience I have procured, I will lift your leaden spirit to golden heights. Liberation is possible as the result of consensual suffering, and I take My role in your transformation very seriously. It is an honor for Me, and a priceless gift to you. Your cherished secrets are exactly what I wish to tease out of you, and My wish is your command. Don’t be too scared, for you are in very capable hands. This sacred transmutation is, after all, why I am called

Domina Nicki Golden. 


Although I take My role quite seriously, finding joy in our shared moments is of equal importance. I approach play with a warmth that is inviting and a sense of levity that is charming, but will keep you on your toes. My favorite moments are when unexpected giggles slip out. In these trying and isolating times, connection is important, pain can be a sacred way to process stress and the release of pent up emotions after a session is divine.

I love impact play and role play sessions combined. I love watching bruises and welts develop under My cruel caress. I enjoy caring for your skin while I tease and torment. Sensation play and sensual touch are particularly fun for Me, I love to watch you squirm. Bring Me vegan treats and I will delve into Our session with extra glee.


I value getting to know My submissive’s limits and specific interests, thus negotiation is vital to Me, and will always be the first thing we do together. I enjoy playing with all genders and ethnicities, experienced players and novices alike. If you have access needs please let Me know! I absolutely ADORE double sessions with other select Mistresses. Please see My Booking Info page for details.

I can't wait to play with you!

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