Hello lovelies. I am THRILLED to offer in person sessions again! I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine. I ask that you familiarize Me with your Covid safety practices prior to booking your appointment. Due to rising Covid-19/Delta variant numbers, I humbly request that you (and I) wear a mask during the duration of Our time together. I require a Covid test with a current negative test result to be done the week before your appointment. Please plan your visit with Me thoughtfully ~ do not book with Me directly after you have attended a large social event or gone on a trip.

Please email any and all session inquiries to:




 Do include the following information:

-your name/alias

-your current Covid-19 safety practices

-two professional references (let Me know if you have not seen a Professional Dominatrix before)

-three activities you are interested in exploring with Me

-a few days and times that work for you, as well as how long you wish to see Me for

-the website you found Me on

I require a non-refundable deposit to book all appointments.

Please view My donation fees below:

Deposit: $150


1 hour $350

90 minutes $525

2 hours $700

2.5 hours $875

3 hours $1050

3 1/2 hours $1,225

4+ hours $1400+

Care packages and scavenger hunts are available for those lucky enough to reside in the gorgeous California Bay Area.

Email Me to discuss care package and scavenger hunt donation fees.

View My wishlist by clicking the button below 

I always remember a generous plaything.


To be in the presence of one deviant Mistress is divine, to serve TWO (or more) wicked minds is heaven on earth. Do keep in mind that additional donation fees will reflect the nature of the session We design just for you! Below you will find the Dominatrices I treasure playing with.