August is My Birthday Month!

As a true Leo, I love to be spoiled. To My dear sweet clients who book with Me this month, know that bringing vegan chocolates, fresh flowers or perhaps a gift from My wishlist will make My Leo heart swell with appreciation, which will, in turn, make your session EXTREMELY SPECIAL!!!

Another birthday wish I have is for you to send a donation to the Bay Area Worker Support (BAWS) mutual aid fund. BAWS is a peer-led resource organization that is local to the Bay Area, and has supported Sex Workers throughout the pandemic (as well as before the pandemic). This organization means a lot to Me! An easy click on the button below will take you directly to their donation page.

I want to send a special thank you to all My clients for a wonderful last year. It hasn't been an easy one for any of Us. Please know that the time We spend together truly means a lot to Me, and has brought delight and ease to My life. I experience copious amounts of joy while torturing you! Thank you thank you thank you.



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