The exploration of alternate connections during Covid

Hello My angels. First, I must apologize. My intention was to update My blog weekly, however trying to do anything during this current era of Covid feels much like running through sand. Many a good intention has been foiled by this emotionally taxing, high anxiety, stressful brute of a year.

I wanted to update you all on some (temporary) changes in My practice - as Covid-19 case numbers continue to rise in the Bay Area, I cannot justify the risk that in person sessions present for My clients or Myself. I do not know when it will be safe to resume meeting in person, but I look forward to when that day comes, as I so enjoy the mutual exchange of energy that being face to face brings. Having said that I will not be rushing back to in person meetings, as safety is of paramount importance to Me. I will be better about keeping My blog updated, as well as My social media - this is one of My new years resolutions now - so please do stay in touch.

In the meantime, I am offering Skype sessions, phone calls and kinky scavenger hunts. I am available for custom photographs and other assortments of delectable delights - please send all inquiries to and I will respond to you within 2 business days.

Be safe out there loves, wear a mask, keep your hands clean and your minds filthy.

XOXO Nicki

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