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       Having been a fan of the BDSM scene in the SF Bay Area for a number of years, I was excited to find Nicki's profile and reached out via email  to request a session.

       Sometimes email exchanges with potential Dommes can be a bit formal, but my email exchange with Nicki felt fun and exciting,   with a good back and forth regarding interests and session possibilities.

       We eventually settled on a 3 hour session and a number of activities/fetishes that felt like they would lead to a fun, hot first session.

 Nicki has a very unique look, with a lot of fabulous tattoos, and was matched with awesome makeup and of course her 'golden blond hair'. I’m often a little apprehensive when sessioning with a new Domme, but Nicki was warm and inviting immediately and that was   instrumental in setting the tone for our session.

       The session itself included a massive amount of bondage wrap, breath play, CBT, smoke play and an introduction to ashtray play.   Nicki had another Dominatrix 'drop in' for a little surprise visit. That was very fun, in part because I never found out who it was, as I was blindfolded under the bondage wrap.

       It was an exciting and very hot first session. Sometimes with longer sessions like this, there can be ‘energy’ gaps, but Nicki was   engaged and kept me engaged for the entire time.

       The very pleasant high of ‘session energy’ lasted for a number of hours afterwards.

I highly recommend Nicki, and look forward to sessioning again soon when our current restrictions ease up.



       Today, I saw Nicki for spanking session with anal play.

       First thing you will notice once she opens the door is that she is very beautiful with lean athletic build. When it comes to spanking, she is an excellent spanker. She knows how to swing her arm to deliver very effective spanks/spanking. She uses her legs and thighs to effectively keep you in place during the spanking, you have nowhere to go. She used multiple implements as well as her hands. She also used her favourite paddle on which the word slut is written. I most certainly felt like a slut when she spanked me with this paddle and whispered in my ear that she owns my ass.

       One final point, she didn’t do anything that I did not ask for, She respected my boundaries. Over all, I had great time Nicki and looking forward for more sessions with her.




Mistress Nicki was such a pleasure to work with. I had a preconceived notion of what She would be like prior to meeting Her, and I was absolutely enthralled by all that She encompasses. She is visually very intimidating, but greeted me with Her beautiful smile, and made me feel very at ease the first time I met Her. We had talked through my hopes and desires for our time together prior to meeting up, and had an effective check in prior to our session starting. We also talked about our independent and combined limits and hard boundaries. Our sessions together are very intense, during one in particular we engaged in a roleplay scenario that was very serious, yet we were also able to find moments of humor. I found myself laughing in the midst of torment! Being able to experience joy during high intensity activities is very grounding for me, and I love that about our sessions. I absolutely love my time with Mistress Nicki.


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